Buying a Home in Hoboken or Jersey City, NJ?

We're here to help!

  • New protocols for protecting yourself and others
  • Gloves, masks, Removing shoes
  • Wiping down the home
  • Fresh air
  • Limited In person showings
  • Advanced online Marketing
  • Streamlined Inspections
  • Near Virtual Closings

The first step in getting a home is having good credit.  The first step in having good credit is understanding your credit.  Few of our clients understand the credit world.  Often times, people have “good” credit only to find that it’s not good mortgage credit.  As a first step working with our lending partner, Joe Berg of Pinnacle Mortgage, will get you a picture of where you are and how it compares to the changing lending standards.  The key to repairing your credit is 1) getting a company you can trust, and 2) having enough time to repair the problem.  Fixes don’t occur overnight even for mistakes and some credit problems can last for seven years or more.  The Murray Property Group leverages our experience to get you on the way to your home.

The mortgage process changes on a seemingly daily basis. Dictated by the federal guidelines, lenders change requirements that lead to frustration among buyers.

If you’ve been pre-qualified prior to the shutdown, you need to revisit the process.   Our trusted mortgage advisor, Joe Berg will educate you on the recent changes and steps you’ll need to take to obtain a mortgage today.  This is especially true for condo purchases. Joe isn’t an online bot that keys in a few numbers to split out a prequal only to leave you to find out that the bank won’t do your loan.  The Murray Property Group relies on Joe because he is a professional. He requires a lot of documentation upfront.  His analysis on that documentation overlayed on the real time requirements give you a piece of mind that you are truly qualified.  In today’s times, you can’t afford to waste time or risk your health.

Pre-COVID there was a lot of tolerance by sellers and their agent’s when dealing with buyers.  Seller’s want to sell and would accommodate a lot of demands such as last minute showings, early morning showings, late night showings, being late for appointments, and unverified finances to name a few.

The world has changed and so has the seller’s attitude towards the buyer.   Serious and qualified has taken on a whole new meaning.  The Murray Property Group preps buyers to be not only good buyers but great buyers.

It starts with the pre-showing:

  • Verifiable Credit and A True Mortgage Commitment
  • Educated Buyer on Time Frames
  • Educated Buyer on Expected Closing Costs
  • Home Criteria and Elimination (You only see homes that you are interested in)
  • Showings:
  • 1st showing is virtual
  • Protection: mask, gloves, no shoes.
  • Small Time Window
  • Measure what you need to measure.

Post Showing:

  • Facetime follow up showing
  • Virtual inspections
  • Virtual closing
  • The Team Approach

The home viewing process has been turned upside down: Pre-COVID seeing a home was the first step in the decision making process. Now, actually being in the space is the last step.  The good news is that it saves you time and money.

My virtual showings take you inside the MLS.  You see what I see. The available properties, the under contract properties, the sold prec-ovid and since the lockdown. 

We go over virtual tours. We discuss how the home fits your wants and needs. We discuss the value to you and to the market.

ATTENTION: Watching this 3 minute video will save you time and money. 

Before you start looking for a home you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where do you want to live? Are there particular neighborhoods or communities that you like and why?
  • What kind of house would you like (need)? Are you looking for a particular style? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?
  • Is a home office a necessity? Do you need a bonus room or flex-room?
  • Do you entertain often? Is a home suitable for entertaining something you’re looking for?
  • Do you want a yard, pool, gated or guard gated community?
  • Have you determined your price range or consulted a lender to determine the best price range?

Finding and purchasing a home that will meet your needs is a significant and often stressful time. The Murray Property Group's goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible. We leverage our 30 plus years of expertise in the area to make finding your dream home simple.

Searching for your dream home can be a time-consuming experience. Working with our professional team will make the process much more efficient!

Getting your dream home can be a challenge.  Most great properties have other people looking at them too.  Working with our professional team  gives you confidence that we will leverage our expertise to give you a leg up on your competiton. 

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